School Trip to G2G Animal Garden: A Fun-Filled Day for Students and Teachers!

On 17th and 18th April 2024, teachers and students from LOE embarked on a delightful trip to the G2G Animal Garden in Serdang. 

Upon arrival at the G2G Animal Garden, the teachers conducted a headcount to ensure all students were present. Teacher Ira and Teacher Biha then headed to the registration counter to purchase entrance tickets. As the group gathered excitedly outside the entrance, a light rain shower caused a delay of approximately 20-25 minutes. Thankfully, the rain stopped, and the adventure began!

The tour guides warmly welcomed the group and outlined the park’s rules. The first stop was the parrot house, where the children were enthralled by the variety of birds. The guides provided informative explanations about each feathered friend and even offered the opportunity for the children to feed them while demonstrating the proper technique.  Teachers even got a chance to capture memorable photos with some of the parrots.

The tour continued to the guinea pig & rabbit station, where the children squealed with delight as they gently held these furry creatures.  Next, the group ventured through various animal enclosures, encountering donkeys, miniature horses, hedgehogs, reptiles, deer, and many more. The children were captivated by the opportunity to feed the animals and take pictures with them, creating cherished memories.

The final stop was the goat farm, where the highlight was the chance to feed and touch the alpacas. Filled with excitement and newfound knowledge about the animal kingdom, the group gathered back at the entrance for a final round of class photos as they awaited the arrival of their bus.

The teachers ensured bathroom breaks for the children, including diaper changes for the younger ones, before carefully arranging everyone onto the bus and car. Unfortunately, traffic congestion caused a delay on their return trip.  To ensure parents were informed, the teachers proactively sent out messages regarding the expected arrival time.

Despite the unexpected delay, the trip to the G2G Animal Garden proved to be a resounding success. The children had a blast interacting with the animals, and the teachers enjoyed witnessing their students’ curiosity and joy. It was a day filled with learning, exploration, and creating lasting memories for all involved.

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