ANIS Makes Productive Visit to LOE Seksyen 4

On Tuesday, April 16th, 2024, a team from the Jabatan Anak Istimewa Selangor (ANIS), paid a visit to LOE Seksyen 4. The ANIS delegation, comprised of four members, aimed to gain a deeper understanding of LOE’s programs and their implementation.

Enriching Therapy Center Visit

The visit commenced with a tour of the LOE Seksyen 4 Therapy Center. ANIS representatives, Encik Syahmi Zahari (ANIS Operations Executive), Puan Nurul Syarmiera Yusof (ANIS Operations Executive),  Puan Nurul Husna Shuib – ( ANIS Occupational Therapist), led by Encik Abdul Qayyum M Suhaimi, the Head of Department, were introduced to the Circuit Training Order (CTO) program. This program caters to both fully and partially inclusive children, and the ANIS team observed its execution firsthand.

A detailed explanation of the full (partial) inclusion program offered at the Therapy Center was provided, along with the daily schedule of activities. The ANIS team was then given a tour of key facilities, including the Academic Therapy Room, the Snoezeleen (check the spelling) Room, and the Occupational Therapy Room.

Within the Academic Room, ANIS officers witnessed a heartwarming session of Al-Quran memorization therapy between a young student, Aiman, and his teacher. The Occupational Therapy Room provided an opportunity to observe how LOE therapists work with partially inclusive children.

On their way down from the upper floor, the ANIS delegation came across a group of children engaged in role-playing activities that incorporated social, emotional, and physical aspects.

Exploring Inclusive Practices in Kindergarten

The visit continued to the LOE Seksyen 4 Kindergarten, where the ANIS team received an introduction to the full inclusion program implemented there. They were shown how teachers manage “pull-out” therapy sessions, where fully inclusive children receive one-on-one Al-Quran memorization and writing instruction outside of regular classes.

The ANIS delegation then embarked on a tour of classrooms catering to children aged 4 to 6 years old. This provided them with a chance to observe the daily routines PdP (Teaching and Learning process) that integrate typically developing children alongside their fully inclusive peers.

In an interactive session, LOE staff invited the ANIS officers to identify one fully inclusive child in each classroom, fostering a deeper understanding of how LOE recognizes and supports these students.

This fruitful visit to LOE Seksyen 4 served as a valuable exchange of knowledge and practices between ANIS and LOE in providing comprehensive support for children with special needs. The ANIS team was then invited to LOE’s Head Office in Seksyen 7 for a brief meeting.

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