Snack Box Ideas For School

When the new school term begins, one of the many quandaries for parents is about food during recess. Parents can choose whether to let their children buy from the school canteen, or parents can prepare snack boxes from home. For those who opted for the latter, picking out a suitable menu for the children is often a job on its own.

Taking into consideration our budgets, available ingredients at home, and picky eaters, here are 10 easy snack ideas for your children to bring to school;

  • Breakfast wrap

Make a 3 ingredients easy breakfast wrap using tortilla wrap (you can purchase this at the supermarket. It comes in a packet of 8 pieces each), scrambled eggs, and sausages. You can choose your fillings. For reference, you can watch the video below.

  • Easy Fried Rice

Using leftover rice, eggs, and anything else available at home, this menu is usually a favourite for parents to make. It’s fast, easy, and a sure win with children.

  • Nutella and banana sandwich

Another easy 3 ingredients snack that is a big hit with young children. All you need is bread, Nutella, and a banana.

  • Mini pancakes

There are many instant pancakes mixes you can purchase at the local supermarkets. You can make a fresh batch of mix in the morning, or you can prepare it a few days in advance and freeze it. You can watch the video below on how to freeze the pancake batter.

  • Fried Noodles

One of the sure-hit menus with children, Fried Noodles is easy and delicious to make. Same as Fried Rice, you can put any of your child’s favourite toppings in it.

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich

All you need are bread, cheese, and butter. You can use a sandwich maker to toast it up, or you can just pan grilled the sandwich until the cheese melts.

  • Easy Cheese Naan

Using the same tortilla skin that we use to make breakfast wrap, all you need to do is heat up your pan, put the tortilla skin with cheese all over it and cover it with another tortilla skin. Grilled until the cheese melts. You can serve it as is, or you can pack a bit of curry or dhall.

  • Garlic Butter Rice and Popcorn Chicken

You can prepare the rice at night. Stir fry some garlic with butter. Pour uncooked rice in and stir fry. Add water to cook the rice as usual. As for Popcorn Chicken, there are many brands of frozen goods that you can buy if you are short of time. Deep fry the chickens and pack them up with the Garlic Butter Rice.

  • Carbonara Pasta

Use macaroni or penne pasta to make a quick meal for your child. Use instant carbonara sauce such as Prego or any other brand. You can add sausages or chicken slices to it.

You can follow this easy recipe to make a scrumptious French Toast for your children. You can omit the cinnamon powder if your child doesn’t like the smell or taste of it.

  • French Toast

To complete the snack boxes, you can add fruits, vegetables, candies, or juice box as well. It all depends on your budget and preference.

Enjoy and have fun making snack boxes for your young ones!

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