Hifzul Quran 2023

Every 17th of Ramadan each year, our centre will organise an event for our little ones to celebrate Nuzul Quran, which is the Hifzul Quran.

For this year, the event was held on the 8th and 9th of April 2023 simultaneously at each centre. Usually, our centre will organise the event at the nearby mosque or hall.  

Our main objective for this event is to instil and enhance our little ones’ confidence in reciting Al-Quran in front of the public. Other than that, the event also aims to get cooperation from parents to help our little ones in reading and memorizing the surah of the Al-Quran as part of the sunnah of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w for the month of Ramadan. 

We are happy to see our little ones memorising the surah, and at the same time build their confidence, especially our toddler. We also noticed that the students who has experienced the event the previous year are more confident in reciting the Quran this year.  

We look forward to many more events for our little ones soon!

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