LOE Seksyen 4 Outdoor Visit

On the 9th March 2023, Preschool and Childcare Seksyen 4 went for an excursion to Ladang Farm Fresh, UPM.

Some of the activities they had there were:

1. Learn more about cows

2. The Kids’ Barrel ride – Children take a slow ride through the aviary in a barrel ride.

3. Discover more about composting – There is a collection of cow dung from the barn. The dung was mixed with soil enriched with African nightcrawler worms. These worms help to break down solid waste for plants to thrive on nutrients.

4. Walk through the plant nursery.

5. Tour farm with the tractor ride – During the 20-minute ride, the driver shared information about the area and children can see the main sights like the sugarcane and banana plantations. The tractor makes a pit stop at the peak of the hill under a tree.

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