Review: The Sea Beast

Maisie Brumble, a girl who stows away on a ship in search of adventure-seeking sea creatures, is the subject of this fantasy epic. The Sea Beast, directed by Chris Williams, who also co-wrote the charming Disney film Big Hero 6, strikes the perfect blend between exhilarating action sequences, the inevitable moralising anti-hunting message about respecting other species’ rights to exist, and family-friendly humor.

Sea Beast movie poster.

Maisie escapes from an orphanage to Captain Crow and the delightfully eclectic crew of The Inevitable after learning that her parents were killed at sea in a monster attack. Crow, his first mate Jacob, and the others are trying to kill the Red Bluster, a huge red monster, but things get complicated when Jacob and Maisie are separated at sea and Maisie ends up making friends with the Red Bluster.

What I love most about this movie is the script. Brilliant scriptwriting that echoes the current situations in the world; war and disagreement. Here are some of the best quotes from the movie:

Live a great life and die a great death!

I don’t know how the war started. Maybe what matters is how it ends.”

This war was started by the king and queens what come before.

 And with every lie, their empire grow.

Now this lot stands on the same perch and tells the same lies, for their greed.

Let it end!”

And my favourite line that Maisie said to Jacob;

You can be a hero and still be wrong.

If you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend the movie. Kids will love the cute and colourful monsters. Us parents will appreciate the moral of the story better. You can catch the movie on Netflix.

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