Review : Didi & Friends The Movie


The excitement starts when Didi, Jojo and Nana get the chance to handle Hora Horey Concert, but the excitement turns to frustration for Didi when something happens to Pak Beruang. 

Pak Atan and Pak Beruang need to go to Dunia Muzika to find a magic cure for Pak Beruang who suddenly got sick. Didi wants to join the journey to Dunia Muzika, however, Pak Atan did not allow him to go. 

But, Didi insists on going even though he knew something bad will happen. Jojo and Nana are against it at first, but they participate in the adventure to Dunia Muzika. 

Lots of things happen during the adventure, and towards the end of the day, Didi learned a very valuable lesson. 


Do not expect a complex storyline, like Mechamato or Ejen Ali. The storyline was simple and easy to understand. A very nice storyline for kids and us adults too. Many good lessons that our little ones can take by watching this movie. 

Some scenes were so relatable to famous kids’ nursery rhymes on Youtube that our little ones can follow along which makes them excited. 

What I love the most, is that the soundtrack for this movie is superb! I truly enjoyed all of it.  Didi and Friends The Movies is the first Malaysian animation film that collaborated with the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra and The Petronas Philharmonic Hall for a few of its soundtracks. 

So for parents, who are still unsure where to bring their little ones this school holiday, you still can catch the movie in cinemas near you. 

I am sure they will enjoy it.

Here is my rating for the movie. 

The storyline (for adults) – I give 3/5 ⭐️

But overall the movie 

Adult version – 3/5⭐️

Kid version – 5/5⭐️

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