New Norm Traveling With Children

With the school holiday coming up in a few days, parents might be busy preparing for traveling needs. After two years of staying home, everyone must be excited about a getaway with their loved ones. We deserve a bit of fun under the sun!

Even though the endemic phase has begun, we must not forget that the threat of Covid 19 is not over yet. Moving forward, family holidays will have to include careful planning of how to prevent contracting the virus. It is now the time for new norm traveling.

As parents, our biggest worry would be if any of the family members, especially the little ones, catch any kind of sickness during our travels. A constant reminder of wearing a face mask, sanitizing hands, and also checking on your child’s condition such as their body temperature and other symptoms will be crucial. Here are some tips that we can follow while traveling with children, a new norm style;

  • If possible, look for a less crowded destination ( Outdoor activities are better than indoors. You might want to plan on going to the beach or maybe the Zoo to see animals. Outdoor theme parks might be filled with visitors but it should be safer than being in a crowded mall.
  • Check for safety precautions undertaken ( Look out for the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at the hotel. Do a bit of research on whether the hotel does regular sanitizing of common areas and rooms.
  • Pack the Covid 19 essentials; face masks, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, thermometer, and oximeter. Some simple medications for temporary relief of symptoms are handy as well. Bring paracetamol for fever or headache, an anti-inflammatory throat spray, and lozenges for sore throat. You can bring some Covid 19 tests as well and do random checking on your family members.

Now that everything is set, we would like to remind everyone to keep staying vigilant in following the recommended SOP by the Ministry of Health. While taking precautions is imperative, don’t forget to create memories and have lots of fun as well.

Have a happy holiday from us at Little Ones Eduworld!

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