The ‘New Normal’ Starter Pack for Preschool

Prediction says that Covid-19 will stay with us for a long time! It means that we have to get used for a new normal situation.

Nora concerns for all her friend’s health because she misses to meet them all at school. Here’s the new normal starter pack prepared by Nora for her friends:

1. Facemask
2. Tissue wipes
3. Hand Sanitizer
4. Mask pouch
5. Drinking bottle
6. Eating utensils
7. Temperature checks

All 6 items are essential for Nora and friends before getting back to school and can be put inside the Kindy bagpack! While the 7th is important for everyone to check their body temperature so that they can start learning and playing together safe and happy at school.

Also a reminder here for everyone to be safe and keep your health check in a great condition while we all survive this pandemic together. Take care and stay safe everyone!

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