I have sent 3 of my children here and I am satisfied. The teaching method is not complicated so children could easily follow it with guidance from teachers. What I like most is that they manage to make children happy and keen to learn. My children learn to love reading at 4 years old and I am pretty impressed. They love going to school so I believe they love the environment at school. They also enjoy the food served too. At home they will tell me their daily activities including moral lessons learnt.

Pn. Nur Leila Abdul Karim

Creating an ambient and educational environment which is kids-friendly without neglecting the aspect of spirituality and instills good morale and personality in each kid.

Pn. Noor Hazlin Noor Rahmat

Best preschool for special needs children..highly recommended.

Pn. Suhada Mokhtar

The best ever preschool… they can survive in learning while they can play outside.

Pn. Nur Aisyah

Orked Nuha started her journey with LOE at the age of 2. She was young and very picky with her food. Getting her to eat is always a very stressful moment.

LOE teachers was great at handling Orked and they managed to get her to eat more, and started socialising. This improved her communication skills a lot. She now knows to read doa before any meal, and invited her parents too. We are very grateful of this development.

Nowadays, Orked loves singing, dancing, role-playing by herself with her toys, say thank you, and even acknowledge her mistake and say sorry. She started to comeback home with stories about her preschool, telling us how was her day.

Thank you LOEP for all the experiences and thoughtful teachings. Alhamdulillah.

Pn. Nurhidayah Aqilla

Anak saya Harith Suffian Rosly, memulakan pra-sekolahnya di LOE Preschool, Seksyen 4, Shah Alam ketika berumur 4 tahun. Sistem pembelajaran di sana sangat praktikal dan bagus kerana melatih anak-anak untuk mempunyai self confidence yang tinggi dan berani ke hadapan.

Seawal usia 4 tahun, telah dilatih untuk membaca doa, berucap di dalam English dan Bahasa Melayu. Saya sangat berterima kasih atas didikan guru-guru di LOEP dalam membentuk anak saya berjaya menjadi seorang pemimpin (Ketua Murid) di alam sekolah rendahnya.

Banyak kejayaan yang telah dicapainya hasil dari keupayaan dan keyakinan diri tinggi yang telah ditanamkan dalam dirinya sejak awal alam pra-sekolah. Satu pelaburan yang berbaloi menghantar anak seawal usia di LOEP.. Terima kasih LOEP!

Pn. Rosnita Sabri
Parent of LOE Preschool, Seksyen 4, Shah Alam