Stay At Home School Holiday Activities For Kids

Not every school holiday is a must travel holiday. Most working parents are unable to take leave as often as we wish. So here are some stay-at-home school holidays that we could do this break.

Bullseye Throw – Get a hula hoop or a laundry basket and put it around 3 metres away. Use bean bags or balls and try to get them in the hoop or basket as many as you can. This is a fun gross motor skills game for children at home.

Paper Plates Skates – Got no ice rink? No worries! Use two paper plates as your skates and glide away on floor or carpets.

Zine Making – You can make comics or a daily journal. All you need are papers and colors to create your little zines.

Cloud Playdough – Use this easy 3 ingredients recipe to make your own playdough. You need 2 cups of cornstarch, 1 cup of baby lotion, and food colorings of your preference.

Chalk Your Walkways – With a box of colorful chalks, the whole ground is your canvas. Create art on your home compound. Do not worry, as the drawings are easily cleaned just with a pail of water, or wait for the rain to come down!

Movie Night – Set a date for a movie night with your children at home. Prepare snacks such as popcorn and chips for everyone to enjoy.

Frisbee Throw – Find some container lids and use them as frisbees. See who can throw the farthest.

Paint Pebbles and Rocks – This is a great activity for both children and adults. Paint the pebbles and rocks like a ladybug or flowers and you can put them in your garden to beautify your compound.

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