The term “gadgets” refers to various electronic devices, not just mobile phones, tablets, handheld games, and more. Children today play with technology from a very young age, so it no longer comes as a surprise.

Electronic devices have several advantages, such as dealing with your child’s assignments, online classes, and other things. But letting it go too far could have adverse effects of its own. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using gadgets, as well as some advice on using them responsibly.

Benefits of using gadgets

  • It serves as stimulation for children under five. It can be applied to speech as well as to encourage learning. The young children’s visual representation may help them develop their senses.
  • The use of technology to play games promotes cognitive development and analytical abilities. This encourages the child to think more creatively, strategically, and generally to be more productive.
  • Using gadgets might lead to an improvement in one’s ability to learn technology more quickly and become more comfortable using it.
  • Children who are exposed to technology are said to have better eye-hand coordination and faster decision-making abilities.
  • Children are more motivated when playing games that offer progression-level gaming. Additionally, it helps them reach their goals in real life by improving their management skills and giving them motivation.

Disadvantages of using gadgets

  • Young children who use technology may lose the ability to explore, which prevents them from learning. Basic skills like eating, speaking, walking, and playing with a ball are all included in the learning process.
  • Children who are becoming tech-savvy may not be getting enough exercise outside. They must spend as much time as possible outside discovering new things.
  • Children who regularly play violent video games are more likely to become aggressive, toward their parents and friends. Furthermore, engaging in such games can harm one’s mental health.
  • Children who spend more time on their devices may be less focused while studying.
  • Excessive use of electronic devices can lead to unhealthy food habits, poor time management, and poor health.

As parents, we must exercise caution while using technology. A routine for utilising technological devices is essential. Learning how to manage our time on gadgets is important. Although it is impossible to remove devices from someone’s life, you can put a limit on their usage.

  • Set a time limit on how long your child can use the device.
  • Observe the purpose for which your child uses it.
  • Talk to your youngster about what they can learn from it.
  • No devices should be installed in the child’s room.
  • Help them explore things that they can benefit from.

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