About Us

About Us

Preschool is a place for children to get their early education. They’ll experience the little things around them during this phase. Our learning systems are based on comprehensive and hands-on learning, back to nature learning, and visual learning. The Research and Development department led by our founder Hajah Wan Roslina Wan Yusoff, is to learn more about children and design programmes and learning skills that suit them. At Loe, children have fun, create memories, and get adequate education. We believe, EVERY CHILD deserves education.

Wan Roslina Wan Yusoff

A Consultant and an experienced Trainer in the field of Early Childhood Education possessed an MA in Human Developmental Psychology and a BSc (Honours) in Physics from University College of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Both the disciplines have enabled her to create a comprehensive system for the education of the young children named "Little Ones Eduworld Systems".

Beginning in 1981 with her early research in educating her own children at home (9 children in all), she focused her interest towards creating a system that can be used by many educators especially the pre-school teachers and parents. The thematic approach in introducing the world to the children is used throughout the programme.

Besides this, "Little Ones Eduworld Systems" (LOES) aims at making learning fun and enjoyable, with children going through the 5-Ex learning methods (Explore, Experience, Explain, Exemplify and Excellence). These can be seen when children show their "love to Explore", their 'eagerness to Experience', their 'ability in Explaining', their 'willingness to Exemplify' and their endless effort in 'striving for Excellence'.

Currently she has managed to establish a few LOES centres in Peninsular Malaysia with a complete system for a pre-school or nursery set-up comprising of Little Ones Eduworld Learning System (LOELS), Little Ones Eduworld Administrative System (LOEAS) and Little Ones Eduworld Financial Management (LOEFMS).

Back To Nature Learning

Comprehensive and Hands-On Learning

Creative Visual Learning

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Our Mission & Vision


Our Vision of becoming the Leader in creating peace and harmony in the world through Early Childhood Education is achieved by opening our doors to all children of all abilities, races, religions and cultures.


To inculcate knowledgeable, cheerful, skilled and disciplined young children in a multi-cultural and multi-belief world through goodwill, respect and cooperation.

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